We use illustrations as the main way to decorate all elements. They can be print on the t-shirts, publish on social media, or use as stickers for your cups and bags. Use it everywhere you can)
We designed the logotype for fresh bar BE HEALTHY, BABY in minimal style.

We combined two fonts - classical and handwritten.
Also, these two fonts were used in the branding.

The main colors are black, white and bottle green.
Moreover, we added different colors while creating fruit and vegetable illustrations.

Depending on the situation, it is possible to choose a vertical or horizontal logo.
In advertising and marketing materials "BHB" we recommend using only the branded fonts:
Also, put a grid in the background. The main color for it - is black.
However, you can change it for another brand colors.
This grid you can change by adding bright color.
The logotype consists of two parts - classical font and handwriting for "baby". You can brand all texts by using these two fonts or just add "baby" in the end.
The color of the logo also depends on the background.
In the light and on bottle green we use the black version;
on the dark - white logo;

Nastya Koryagina

Denys Zazubek